Gait Scan and Foot Pain in Croydon

Do you suffer with foot pain, or unresolved leg pain?

We have a high-tech piece of equipment which is a foot scan pressure plate that takes hundreds of data of force and pressure measurements from your feet while walking or running, and then analyses biomechanical problems with the legs.

In many cases, biomechanic problems can be resolved with exercises or physiotherapy, but sometimes a patient may request foot orthortics, or insoles, to help position their foot in a better position.

The foot insoles and orthotics are also really useful for unresolved foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis, Morton's neuroma, recurrent ankle sprains, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, recurrent calf strains and stress fractures in the leg and foot bones.

To book an appointment, just call 0208 662 5059 and say you would like a foot scan or biomechanics analysis and one of our physio's will see you. The whole team have been specifically trained in the provision of feet biomechanics, and some of our team are very expert in foot pain.

We offer very affordable foot insoles, or for serious athletes, we offer bespoke insoles which get made specifically for each patient depending on their foot size, position, pressure, and imbalance. These devices fit into most types of shoes, and can considerably reduce pain in the feet, hips, and knees remarkably quickly. The bespoke insoles are more expensive, of course, because they are made to measure, and these usually provide the best benefits.

The cost of our foot insoles and orthotics are £279.00 and this includes the cost of the consultation.