Client Testimonials

"Having had a lower back injury since my early twenties, I have visited a number of physios, osteopaths and chiropractors over the past forty years. The best treatment by far has been that provided through Croydon Physio. On my first visit, I was walking with a stick and had been in constant pain for weeks. Regular treatment has transformed the situation, and returned me to long periods of time that are totally pain-free. The professionalism and attention to individual needs that Tim Allardyce and his colleagues shows is exemplary and I gratefully recommend them most warmly."
Dr Christopher Barnett,
Headmaster, Whitgift School
June 2017
"Tim and Peter have been very efficient in dealing with my problems and helping me to obtain optimum fitness. I have also been most impressed with the efficiency and courtesy of the helpful staff at the clinic for the past 2years.
I highly recommend Surrey physio to anyone who want to be cared for by a team of professionals who are also sympathetic, and enthusiastic about the nature of treatment and their well being of the patient. "
~Forrester Osei(2016 Commonwealth Champion)

"I run with Striders of Croydon along with Alan Dolton and also see him for treatment sometimes. At the end of the last year I pushed too much on tired legs during a distance training run and after a Christmas timeout found that the usual rest/stretches had not done the trick. Alan recommended seeing an Osteopath and suggested you, Kay or Niamh and I booked an appointment with whoever was the next available. Niamh diagnosed the problem, treated me and set me exercises to do. Thanks to her help I was able to train for 3.5 weeks and do the Manchester marathon after 2 months away from running. I cannot praise Niamh enough for her expertise and her warm, friendly manner, simply superb."
~Karim Akhtar

"I think it is us, your patients, who should thank you and your team for all the help you have given us over the years. I should give especial thanks for the last year in which your team’s treatment of both my arms has moved me from thinking I’d not be able to drive again back to virtual normality. My family and I wish all of you the very best."
~Anton Shott

"My daughter had been successfully treated by Tim Allardyce for problems with her back, neck and shoulder so, when I developed severe pain in my right shoulder, she recommended that I contact Tim at Croydon Physio.
Tim diagnosed my problem as shoulder impingement. An MRI scan confirmed damage to the rotator cuff plus a 3mm tear, making it highly likely that I would need surgery. However, with regular treatment and ultrasound, Tim was able to restore full mobility to the shoulder without the need for surgery. I later developed severe pain in my left shoulder. An immediate appointment with Tim revealed bursitis and once again his treatment resulted in a full recovery. Tim and his team offer a professional and caring service and I would highly recommend them."
~Anne Brown, Sanderstead

"I badly slipped a disc last year and started visiting Kay at 'Croydon Physio' for some much needed treatment on my back. Kay is very personable, patient and calming and I always leave feeling a lot better than when I arrived. She is also a great pilates teacher and I really enjoyed her classes in the studio."
~Jennifer Corcoran

"I have been working with Tim at Croydon Physio since 2005 after sustaining a minor injury 10 days prior to a major championships, of which his quick diagnosis and treatments allowed me to compete successfully. From then on Tim took the time to understand my sport attending my training sessions and providing me with the support needed to improve my back & shoulder strength and stability.
In 2015 I won my twentieth consecutive British Senior title, Tim's support has been priceless and one of the most important partners in my support network to achieving my success and maintaining a strong and healthy body for performance. He is more than just a Physio, he is someone who's opinion I truly respect and he understands the stresses and strains weightlifting puts on me, not only physically but mentally and is always there to support through good and bad times.
I have worked with many physio's over my career of 23 years and counting in weightlifting, some within World Class and Elite programmes, yet none have compared to the professionalism, experience and knowledge Tim provides when I'm on his treatment bed.
It has been a pleasure watching Tim grow his clinic and workforce to support not only me but the numerous elite athletes they work with, and I signpost anyone who wants honest, professional and quality treatments to him, including my own parents!!"

~Jo Calvino
GB & England Record Holder & 20 times British Senior Weightlifting

"I run with Striders of Croydon along with Alan Dolton and also see him for treatment sometimes. At the end of the last year I pushed too much on tired legs during a distance training run and after a Christmas timeout found that the usual rest/stretches had not done the trick. Alan recommended seeing an Osteopath and suggested you, Kay or Niamh and I booked an appointment with whoever was the next available. Niamh diagnosed the problem, treated me and set me exercises to do. Thanks to her help I was able to train for 3.5 weeks and do the Manchester marathon after 2 months away from running. I cannot praise Niamh enough for her expertise and her warm, friendly manner, simply superb. Best Wishes."
~Karim Akhtar

"I was introduced to Tim by my Strength and Conditioning Coach Keith Morgan as he was highly recommended by my training partners at the gym. He did not disappoint, as with only 10 days to play with to get me in shape for the European Shooting Championships, he quickly identified the area causing my hip problem and his treatment worked rapidly. This put me in great physical shape for the competition and took away any niggling worries that stuck in the back of my head.

Regular physiotherapy is vital to my sport, so I look forward to working with Tim in the future as I look to keep myself in the best physical shape, so that I can qualify and compete in the London 2016 Olympics. I would strongly recommend Tim as a Physiotherapist to anybody after the great experience I have had being treated by him."

~Ken Parr - 2 x Silver Medal in Rifle Shooting 2010 Commonwealth Games

“I cannot thank Sarah and Tim enough for their personalised, friendly, expert service. I would recommend their service highly. In July 2007, I experienced sudden, prolonged and severe leg pain. This immediately stopped me being able to function normally including playing sports or working, both major parts of my life. After reaching no conclusions through a series of preliminary NHS appointments (meantime, my health deteriorating), this was immediately diagnosed in August 2007 by Tim as a symptom of 3 prolapsed lower back discs (this was later clarified by an MRI scan and report which Tim also recommended). I have been receiving treatment, further diagnoses, guidance and advice from Tim and Sarah since this time and I’m happy to say that I’m on my way to full recovery. Without these interventions, it was extremely likely that my health would have deteriorated rapidly and I would have had to have lower back surgery, both likely to have a more adverse affect on the quality of my life".

~John Herbert (came to us with three badly prolapsed lower back discs, confirmed on MRI, and a likely surgical case)

"I had a knee operation to repair the anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus in July 2006. I started my rehab at croydon physio, Addington Palace. I am back to playing field hockey and skiing and all my sporting activities as I did before the accident.

What impressed me most about the clinic was not only their expert knowledge but also the personal care and attention to detail. I felt I was not just another patient, but an individual and I got tailor-made treatment. The staff constantly encouraged and motivated me, and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for them. I’m very thankful for all their help and support. I highly recommend the clinic for their professionalism and care."

~A. Sharma - Pharmacist, recommended by a local surgeon

The Mayor of Croydon after treatment

"I was introduced to Tim back in September 2005 when he came to visit my home training venue at Crystal Palace to see Keith Morgan, my coach. At this point I was preparing for the Commonwealth Championships in the October, when 1 week before I was due to leave an extremely painful injury occured to my back and upper leg. It was from this point Tim became an important part of Team Calvino, with a real challenge ahead of him to fix me in 7 days!!. After the first visit I instantly felt better and responded quickly to Tim's treatment to feel fully fit heading out to my event.
Leading up to Commonwealth Games 2006 in Melbourne it was important that I maintained physical fitness & well being to achieve my peak performance at the games, Tim's treatment was a major role in achieving this. He not only takes on board your injuries, he takes on the requirements of your sport to ensure any weaknesses are fazed out to allow you to be at your best, and I definitely benefitted from this. He is totally 100% committed to you no matter how big or small your problems may be, Tim will help you gain the results needed to conquer your goals and without his support I don't think I would have had so many good years of competitions. I will enjoy working with Tim for many years to come".

~Jo Calvino - Britain's top female weightlifter

"I had the pleasure of meeting Tim in June 2005 when came back from an international in Norway. I was told my season was over because my adductor muscle had come away from the bone. Naturally I was devastated because I had an excellent winter and all I wanted to do was throw.
I met Tim at Crystal Palace National Centre where he said he would like to attempt to fix me because he was confident that he had the relevant equipment and experience.
Being a sceptic and having nothing to lose I went along and saw Tim and hand on heart Tim was wonderful and he had me throwing a again not long after a number of rehab secessions and as a result I finished the season 4th in England. I am eternally grateful to Tim and his team. I cant bring to words how wonderful I felt after seeing Tim.
I would strongly recommend Tim and his team to anyone with any injury regardless of wether you compete at an amateur level or world class. I look forward to continuing to work with Tim throughout my athletics career".

~Abdul Buhari
GB International Discus Thrower, currently rank no.2 in UK

"Dear Tim, I read your email newsletter with immense interest. I am a very satisfied patient of yours. In fact my thanks is to Dr Wilcock for recommending you to me. I have now recommended you to two of my friends. My attendance for two sessions for my back discomfort gave me great relief. Thank you for your good work."
~Vinod Nair

"I am an old hand at osteopathic treatment, due to a long-term disc problem in my neck, and have always been convinced of its benefits. However, the recent injury to my right shoulder has been something of a new experience. I know from a previous incident several years ago that such injuries can take many months to heal, but Tim has been using an interesting and innovative combination of osteopathic and physiotherapy techniques on me, and the shoulder seems to have responded well to this. It seems highly likely that the recovery time will be significantly reduced as a result."
~Roger L. Shepherd

"I first went to see Tim a few years back after suffering a Grade 3 separation of my right A/C joint. Rehab treatment for the injury had been non-existent on the NHS where I lived in Guildford and physiotherapy wasn’t really helping.
I saw an article on Tim in Golf Punk magazine and decided to get in touch. From the first minute of the first session, Tim came across as a very confident and capable individual who very re-assuringly said he could sort the injury out in 6 sessions, and that surgery would not be needed. The day after the first session I felt like I’d done 10 rounds with Tyson and had the same sensation until about session number 4. However, by the 6th session, and true to his word, the shoulder area felt stable and comfortable for the first time since suffering the injury.
Tim has a holistic approach to rehabilitation from injury which combines highly effective treatment with a tailor made exercise regime. I’ve been treated by Tim for 4 years and continue to see him regularly for check ups and treatment to other minor niggles, even though I moved to North Yorkshire 2 years ago.
Tim’s expertise has been integral to me achieving my health, fitness and sporting goals and I cannot recommend him highly enough."

~Phil Shenton - Harrogate, North Yorks

Tim began treating me in 2004 after the birth of my twins. Since then he’s treated the whole family. The twins saw Tim at each important developmental milestone to ensure that their spines were perfectly aligned to give them the best start in life. My eldest son suffers from Irritable Hip Syndrome and has had great relief following Tim’s treatment. The combination of Osteopathy and Physiotherapy gives great versatility to Tim’s treatment and we are very happy with the care we’ve had!”
~Ros Wood

"I was recommended to Tim by my GP, after complaining of restricted movement in my shoulderand arm.After my initial consultation, Tim passed me over into the superb care of Sarah, whomanaged to increase mobility but could not completely remove the pain in my joint. It then transpired that an operation would be the only way to treat my complaint. I had this in June 2007, and was very happy with the result.
However in order to regain the mobility I had lost due to the surgery, I once again had the pleasure of Sarah manipulating my arm in all sorts of different directions.Both Tim and Sarah made me feel very welcome and more than just another patient. In fact Tim has been happy to show off my completely recovered shoulder to his other patients experiencing the same problem, so they know what to expect, and how well they will be able to regain mobility and strength after treatment. I was so happy with the treatment I received, I have already recommended Sarah and Tim to one of my friends who had a problem with his back, no doubt he is only the first of many."

~ Robbie Horne

"I am 44 year old woman who woke up one morning with pain in my left shoulder. I was bewildered and very worried to find that I could not raise my arm more than a few inches. I hoped that it would just get better on its own but realised after a worrying few days that was not going to happen. After a referral from my GP I saw Tim Allardyce for a consultation and he diagnosed me with shoulder impingement. I had a series of treatments with Tim in which he treated me as a whole person reassuring me as I was very fearful of having surgery or never being able to use my arm properly again. At the end of the treatment Tim had restored my shoulder to complete health and mobility. I guess we never fully appreciate our bodies until they get sick, hurt or don't work properly anymore. Every time I raise that arm now I am so grateful to tim for his professional expertise, knowledge and excellence in his vocation as physiotherapist and osteopath, and that which I believe cannot be taught, his human compassion for his patients be they athlete or hurting house wife.Thanks Tim you are a star
~ Di Newberry

"Tim, Sorry I didn't get to see you again just before I left for my trip but I was told you weren't available and Niamh was very helpful in your stead. I also wanted to just pass on my thanks indirectly through you for some telephone support that Sarah has given me over the past 48 hours... I pulled my left medial calf muscle in one of the group fitness sessions (stupid I know... not enough warm-up stretching for an old fatty like me).
She was invaluable in the immediate few hours in getting me to a point where the swelling is almost zero (despite my Warfarin) and I can already walk reasonably cleanly. I've missed one day of the training yesterday but thanks to Sarah I might feel up to given it a little gentle try out on Monday. You've got a great team there. Thanks to all three of you for aiding a big lummux."

~Chris Glynne

"A little under two and a half years ago, Chris Martin became the 30th person ever to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Whilst competing against crews who mostly had two rowers (including the auspicious pairing of Ben Fogle and James Cracknell) Chris didn't have the smoothest of journeys. Plagued by equipment failure from the start the list of broken items onboard the boat included the watermaker (that turns sea water into drinking water), several of his oars, the rudder, his GPS system and navigation light. He was able to mend several of these but also suffered a major setback when severe back pain made the lightest of paddling extremely painful. With help from Tim Allardyce giving advice on how to best relieve and stretch his back over the sattelite telephone, Chris was able to finish the challenge. Something that without Tim's help would have been a far more painful experience.

What now for this entrepid explorer from London? Well Chris is going back out again, this time in a double handed boat and with Mick Dawson they aim to be the first team ever to row unsupported across the North Pacific Ocean. The crew will set off in Choshi, Japan and aim to row until they land, over 5000 miles away, in San Fransisco, USA. Being unsupported for a trip that could take up to 6 months is a daunting prospect but especially so with Chris' history of back pain. As part of preparations for the trip that will take commence at the end of April 2009 Chris has been seeing Tim Allardyce for regular physio treatment, instruction and advice to prevent the same debilitating pain as he suffered on his previous voyage. If you'd like to sponsor Chris and Mick or would just like more information on the challenge why not have a look at their website Golden Gate Endeavour"

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tim and his team late 2007, when during training I suffered a hip flexor tear. Thinking I was at an end Tim was recommended to me via my conditioning coach at Crystal Palace, Keith Morgan.

After seeing Tim for treatment, I returned to full training status three weeks later, allowing me to return to retain my British U23 title. Since then Joe and Tim have helped me with any injuries and kept me fit enough to win silver at the Olympic Trials in 2008, narrowly missing out on Olympic selection.

I have also put my speedy recovery down to regularly drinking For Goodness Shakes who have continued supporting me with the no1 recovery drink. FGS plays a vital role in my day-day life, allowing me to meet the demands of my nutritional requirements. Whilst training at numerous locations around London FGS is athlete friendly fitting in any training bag and tasting great! Whilst travelling for treatment FGS allowed me to consume vital carbohydrate and proteins after training and treatment to aid in my recovery.
I cannot express how thankful I am to Tim and Joe for the work and time they have given me over the past 2 years; I would strongly recommend any member of the Team.”

~Amir Williamson GB International Hammer Thrower

Dear Tim, as you must realise your treatment has been fantastic as I have not needed any help since March. We had a great time on our cruise, Singapore to Southampton , and another completely different holiday walking in Northumberland in June.The summer has been spent working in the garden,mainly in the vegetable patch. In October we are going walking in Jersey for 5 days and hope the weather will be dry. regards Jeanne.
~Dr J. Brett, Rheumatologist at Mayday Hospital

"I was correctly diagnosed with a compression fracture in my spine by Tim Allardyce about 2 years ago. Since then his skillful treatment has gradually improved my condition so that I can walk about a mile without a walking stick and negotiate stairs happily.
I do not know how I would have managed without his support , knowledge and encouragement.
Thank you so much, Tim."

~June Posner (Mrs P)

"I just wanted to say a quick thank you for allowing me to have treatment with yourselves.
Matt was very good. He taught me and showed me things I never knew about my legs. For example not realising I have slightly bowed legs and that my feet supinated. I was only ever treated for the actual knee pain by Doctor's in the past (with Arthroscopies etc), my bio-mechanics and the reasons why i was actually getting the pain was never really looked at. So it was very pleasing that Matt did this and I now know the reasons for the way my legs / knees are the way they are. He found some shoe insoles online for me, which I am now wearing. This, along with the hands-on massaging of the muscles in the legs and laser treatment on the knee, has pretty much completely cleared the every day knee pain that I was experiencing. I hope to return in a few weeks time to see Matt again for a further review on how I am getting on.
The facilities are very good and the staff at the clinic are very friendly. Can you, if possible, personally give Matt my thanks for helping me get to the stage I am at with my legs, a stage I never thought was possible. Once again, many thanks and I hope to see you again in a few weeks time."

Kind regards,
~Bobby Lock

"My name is Daniel Davis, I am the best hurdler in the UK Under 23 years old, and I first started working with Tim in 2004. At 16 years old I had just become the National Champion in the Sprint Hurdles, a championship I had gone into and won without knowing I was suffering from a very severe chronic groin strain. My injury had been undiagnosed all season and although I had won Gold, I felt I had underperformed because the groin strain was holding back my performance. Over the next 8 months Tim and I worked tirelessly on getting my injury healed, and focused on conditioning my body to perform better than it previously ever had.
Now at 20 years old with thanks to Tim, I have made a major breakthrough in my senior athletics career having. I had an excellent indoor season finishing up being a mere 0.15 seconds away from qualifying for the World Indoor Championships in Valencia.
Working with Tim has improved my physical condition and revolutionised my attitude. Those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting him will have experienced his infectious enthusiasm, optimism and goal orientated work ethics which are the hallmarks of a champion in any field. We work so well together because we share the same desire for excellence in our chosen areas."

Danny Davis

"I was referred to Tim Allardyce by my orthopaedic consultant at St Anthony's hospital, when many other treatments had not relieved my ongoing symptoms. Tim addressed the route of my problem and continuing pain cycle. I knew what to expect and he gave me a realistic timescale and plan for recovery. He enabled me to start feeling pain free for the first time following a severe car accident, years before.
Tim worked excellently with his team to aid my recovery. He communicated closely with his rehab specialist, who provided a great rehab programme of exercise and improved my muscle strengthening."

~Julia Baker

I went to Croydon Physio after my left knee had swelled up following a tackle I received while playing football. Julia diagnosed it as most likely a torn meniscus and that surgery was an option if it didn't heal. But Julia worked wonders on it and I was back playing football within 6 weeks pain free. Thanks so much for getting my knee back in shape so quickly.
~Perry Wright

I was suffering for a long time with terrible shoulder pain. I have had some treatments including laser , but nothing seemed to help. In desperation I started to surf the Internet, and came upon Tim's web site. After contacting him and doing his exercises, I am now almost free from shoulder pain, and can do all the things I could not do before. Words are inadequate to express my my appreciation to Tim for all that he has done for me. He has given me back my life after only just three months. I do not hesitate to recommend Tim to anyone needing his services. Thank you Tim.
~W. Johnson, Ontario, Canada

Just to say a big thank you to Matt. I have suffered from lower back for for so long and in 6 short weeks i can now do things that i would have struggled with in the past, just getting out of the car was a task. I had been refered to the hospital physio they treated me with acupuncture which would ease it for a while but never got to the root of the problem. But once again thanks for putting a spring back into my step.
~Mary Walker

"A couple months ago Matt treated me for injuries for my back and shoulder and recently contacted me to see how I was progressing. During the treatment I was very impressed with his skills and concern for my health. After a few treatments he suggested I seek consultation with a specialist since the injuries did not seem to be improving. Good advice since unfortunately MRI scans revealed cancer lesions in both areas and I am now undergoing treatment for this.Thanks again to Matt and your team"
~John Robinson

I am a Sport & Remedial Massage Therapist, and have always referred my clients to the the Croydon Physio Clinic. Part of my work is to know when to refer a patient who needs assessment from an osteopath or physiotherapist. Since receiving treatment myself from the clinic I have always been happy to recommend to all clients and friends. They always deliver professional, friendly treatment with great feedback from my clients. Another attribute to the clinic is they have a large network of other professional contacts ranging from exercise professionals to consultants which makes it an extremely efficient and knowledgeable environment where you find the right person for you need.
~Mel Rabjohns

"When I was referred to Tim Allardyce at Croydon Physio I was in constant severe pain from a neck injury to such an extent that I couldn’t imagine life getting back to normal without surgery. Incredibly, just eight sessions later I’m almost completely recovered. It’s like some kind of magic. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Tim to anyone".
Greg Cheasman was referred by a local GP with a cervical disc prolapse.

"I came to see Joe in April 2008 with a REALLY painful tennis elbow. He worked wonders on it with physio, ultra sound and acupuncture and 7 sessions saw me as right as rain!
I returned for a couple of sessions this year when the elbow began to give me a few twinges! And again Joe worked the oracle!"

~Mary Bassett-Cross

"Since October 2008 I have suffered from a severe hamstring tear which, for an unknown reason, wouldn't heal. After seeing an osteopath, chiropractor, and a physio the condition still didn't recover. I therefore decided to take the next step and see a consultant. After initial diagnostics and even surgery, the problem was still the same and I was back to square one.

After being referred by a friend to Croydon Physio, I started seeing Matt in January 2010 by February 2010 my hamstring problem was completely healed! Throughout this time I was continually impressed with Matt's dedication, tenacity and enthusiasm. On more one occasion, Matt would begin the conversation with "Hello matey, I've been thinking about your problem, and...". Matt always went out of his way to help me and did everything he could to get to the bottom of my problem.

Some people believe that Physio's prolong treatment as long as possible in order to make the most money from their patients. However, I have no problem in telling people that Matt's only aim is to heal his patients as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. I have no reservations in coming back to Matt again and, as a keen member of Warlingham Cricket Club and Epsom Hockey Club. I will be recommending him to anyone that needs treatment.

After nearly living with my problem for the rest of my life Matt physically, and psychologically, bought me back to life!"

~Andrew McNamee

"Following key-hole surgery on my shoulder I found that the physiotherapy regime suggested by the hospital appeared to be relatively ineffective in improving my mobility. I therefore signed up with Croydon Physio. The initial diagnostic session was very thorough and the programme of exercises has resulted in a significant improvement in my arm movements. It was down to the physiotherapy treatment I had from you and I wish to say how grateful I am." Stephen Bland

"We have settled back home in Cleethorpes and just thought I write to say that your services will be sorely missed (no pun intended) both myself and my wife Karen had excellent service from you and your team. Karen is especially grateful to Niamh for her work on her frozen shoulder which enabled her to avoid surgery! I will always be grateful to you Tim for sorting my back out when I’d prolapsed a disc and will miss our regular sessions to keep my lower back in order. I am convinced that you and your team saved us from further stress and pain". Chris Pinkney.

"I was refered for physio to help me with my shoulder problem after a traffic accident.
When I first went to see Julie, I was in a state that I wasn't even able to move my arm properly. After a few sessions with Julie, I was in a position that I was able to move my arm better than I did. As my right shoulder was extremily painful, I didn't feel the pain in my left shoulder. Julie very kindly spend time helped me on my left shoulder as well as right. My pain improved by the end of the 9th session and the credit goes to Julie. She made my condition much better and I was extremely happy with the tretment. She is very friendly, helpful and is very easy to talk to.
She always listen to patient's need and does everything she can do to meet patient's nee". Lila Saskumar

I wrenched my shoulder badly getting off a coach and started to get pain in my shoulders, neck and back. When I was referred to the hospital, they did not take my injury seriously attributing the cause to an old whiplash injury, and advising that I would never get any better. I had physiotherapy at the hospital but it was a waste of time. However, I was determined to be well and decided to use an osteopath, which gave temporary relief. Over time, even the osteopathy stopped working and I started to feel ill especially after exercise. I had a friend who strongly recommended going to Croydon Physiotherapy, where I saw Tim. The consultation was amazing! Tim took my symptoms seriously and immediately identified that there was a rotator cuff injury. He also suspected that I needed an operation and recommended an MRI scan. When the results came back it showed that I did indeed need an operation. In fact, the build up of bone was starting to damage the tendons in the joint. I hate to think how debilitating my injuries would be now if I had not come in contact with Tim and his team. I had the operation, which was a success. I feel much better and I am able to be far more independent than before having the operation. Tim and his team are so professional, knowledgeable and caring. I would strongly recommend anyone who has suffered a musculoskeletal injury to go to Croydon Physio.
~Doreeen Edwards

I had a tremendously painful right shoulder, it came out of nowhere - I couldn't move it and it was extremely painful, I went to A&E which showed what seemed to be an extra piece of bone on my shoulder. My GP hadn't really got a clue and was referring me to the specialist, which was going to take several weeks. I went to see Julie at Surrey physio. I explained the issue, she instantly put me at ease - being my first time at a physio, she asked a lot of questions and she suspected a build up of calcium deposits from when I played county badminton - over 20 years previously, which the specialist finally confirmed a few weeks later. After a series of treatments with Julie and exercises she gave me to do at home the pain left me very fast. By the 2nd time I saw the specialist the calcium deposits had gone (after they had said I would l probably need an operation to scrape it off my bone) and I had full working use of my am again. The specialists were surprised to see it had disappeared entirely and they said that the only potential explanation for this was the physio treatment that I had been receiving as I was only taking painkillers to that point.
Julie was fantastic, she always understood my pain threshold, firm but gentle, she developed my treatments as I got better and she was always very friendly and professional, as were the whole gang there whenever I saw them. In a weird way I wish I still had some pain so I could keep going. You don't get that often - people wanting to have pain to be able to go and see their physiotherapist. I would highly recommend Surrey Physio. They saved my pain, they saved me having an operation and a scar for life. Thank you Julie and the Gang at Surrey Physio.

~Robert Allan